My Training Approach

I'm a firm believer in promoting harmony and safe riding practices for you and your equine partner.  Dressage is the foundation of all equine sport and the therapeutic values of trust, discipline and forgiveness that you develop with your powerful equine partners will transcend riding skills to benefit your day-to-day life!

My Dressage Story

The "Dressage bug" hit me at a very early age.  (It was sooo bad, I still have my OLD worn out copy of Margaret Cable Self's book: "Horsemastership; Methods of Training the Horse and the Rider" purchased sometime around age 10 that I practically memorized cover to cover before I ever rode a horse!)  And even though my dressage career didn't officially begin until age 40, my love of horses and nature has inspired and infused my creative juices throughout my life ... both in my art and ultimately on my horses.  I've been fortunate to train with some of the top riders in our nation and can't wait to share my knowledge and experience with you and your horse.

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